3 simple steps to buy machinery with our on-line auctions!

The first step to participate in any on-line auction is to register to the website: registration is very simple, fast and free.

Click on "Register", enter your data, a valid email address and password, and proceed, accepting the terms of service and privacy policy: you will receive a confirmation email with a link that, once clicked, will immediately activate your account on "Industrial Auction".

Once you have registered you can access the service at any time to search for goods and machinery among the public auctions published on the site: and in addition you can also "add to your favourites" all the lots that you want to keep an eye on, so you will not run the risk of missing a good opportunity!

Participating in an on-line auction to win a lot is a very simple operation, absolutely transparent, risk-free and always completely confidential: none of the participants, in fact, never knows the identity of the others.

To start you must first of all access the service with your registered user credentials: in this way you will be able to view immediately all the main information available on the lots and the auction (conditions, costs, contacts, etc...).

To participate in the auction of a lot, you will be required to pay in advance a small amount as a "deposit", variable according to the related lot value: this is an amount that we will only temporarily withhold and that will be returned to you, always and in any case, at the end of the auction (regardless of your possible award of the lot). Once the deposit is paid, you are ready to participate in the on-line auction!

The deposit may be paid in two ways:

By credit card

(this is a simpler and faster transaction, subjected to the limits of your credit card and, above all, to its maximum "pre-authorisation" time frames, thus you may be entitled to participate in the auction only for the period in which your card allows us to withhold the amount as a "deposit"; for this reason, payment by credit card is generally only possible on the last few days before the closing date of the auction;

By bank wire transfer

(a transaction that will require you to fill out and send a specific downloadable on-line form and receipt of bank payment; this method entails a longer period of time for the credit check and qualification verification, but offers the advantage of not having a deadline for participating in the auction)

Participating in an on-line auction is an exciting experience, but it also requires strong focus and strategy to always take advantage of the best opportunities.

For this reason, with Industriale Auction you will have a simple and clear on-line auction management panel in front of you, with easy to read and constantly up to date information, designed to minimise distractions and allow you to easily follow the progress of lot bids.

At any time during the auction you can place your bids with a simple click of a button: the system will guide you through the bid avoiding any possibility of error and will accompany you with messages to keep you always informed about the status of the auction, indicating whether or not you are the highest bidder.

To offer you more and more opportunities, each auction also includes the "extra time" system: any bid submitted by any participant in the last 5 minutes before the expiration of the auction extends its duration by additional 3 minutes. An ingenious way that gives everyone more time to relaunch their best bids and win.

At the end of the auction, if you are the highest bidder, you will be awarded the lot and you will be contacted for payment methods and collection of the goods: at that time you will have another pleasant surprise, with us you will never have to pay any commission on purchases ("Buyer's premium zero"). You will always pay only the value of your winning bid!

However, please read the General Terms and Conditions to find out all the details and contract clauses of the on-line auction service.


Take advantage of the best market opportunities with our on-line auctions!!